Our Story

Our Story

The vision of SK Security is simple, to provide a security officer service, that disregards the "warm body" and "observe and report" mentality. We're here to keep your community safe, and we employee highly trained, screened individuals to ensure your property will be safe under our supervision.

Our promise to our customers is through our integrity, highly trained officers and using the best technology to simply beat our competitor in every aspect.

Established in 2015

We have the experiences in the industry to understand what it takes to pave the way to a perfectly safe and secure environment.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to leave you feeling safer and more secure about your everyday life.

We only accept the best

SK Security employs Level III commissioned officers, all of which are K-9 certified and possess police, military, or prior security experience. Level III officers are trained in mission critical situations and have undergone an extensive & vigorous amounts of security training. All of SK Security uniformed security professionals are carefully screened and selected, meticulously trained, and thoroughly evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure they meet client expectations. All officers must pass drug testing, background checks and psyche evaluations.

Meet the team

Sid Kile

General Operations Manager

Brian Michael

Site Patrol Supervisor

John Kile

Hiring & Production Manager

Kiersten Watson

Lucas Middleton

Dakota McKeehan

Jared Middleton

Ryan Michael

Kayla Pemberton

Zach Hyatt

Colt Schieffer

Mario Laster

Luke Dagit

Gabriel Medina

Mucyo Hitayezu

Ade Bookhart

Isabelle Allen

Joshua Rice

Casey Robins

Andrew Zook

John Palomino

Skyler Fleckernstein

Adrian Davis

William Wayman

Madison Todd

Carol Ortiz

Maison DeVries

Daniel Spalding

Rawan Alshehri

Michael Williams

Daniel Reynolds

Roger Stroble

Simon Nadrowski

Lamont Baker

Terrance Watson

Raul Garcia

Elton Hale

Drew Campbell

Kaden Williams

Derrick Atchison

Donal Hill

Sinnamon Williams

Anthony Nelson

Kevin Thompson

Jewell Torneden

Savannah Knight

Terria Parrish

Jaime Williams

Pete Cole

Chief Operating Officer


You may obtain information about our current officers IF:

  • You are currently a client of SK Security or any partners of SK Security.
  • You submit official government ID, along with a written notice of reason(s) gathering this information with our office.