Mobile Surveillance Units


Mobile Surveillance Units
Mobile Surveillance Units
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Our Mobile Surveillance Units are the ultimate solution for remote job sites or locations where camera installation poses challenges or where guards cannot access. No need for external power, WiFi connectivity, or existing infrastructure.These units are ideal for jobs with temporary security needs, limited access, 24 hour surveillance needs, repeat trespassing and more. Our trailers are often utilized for construction sites to keep equipment safe when work is paused and property development areas where not many associates are present and trespassing or squatting is in high volume. These units are fully self sufficient so anywhere you need eyes, we can help. Mobile units offer unparalleled convenience and versatility for the security industry.


We offer local deployment of our Mobile unit trailers. Upon delivery, simply follow the streamlined setup process to effortlessly mount the camera, raise the mast, and your setup is complete. When it’s time for your next project, seamlessly relocate the trailer to its new destination.


Mobile surveillance units are equipped with a variety of 360 view cameras, including high-resolution, long-range, and infrared cameras. These cameras can capture both video and still images, allowing operators to monitor people, vehicles, and locations both day and night. PTZ cameras can be remotely controlled to pan, tilt, and zoom to focus on specific targets or areas of interest. This enhances the flexibility of surveillance operations. Other options include LPR cameras that automatically capture and recognize license plates on vehicles.

Power Supply

Mobile surveillance units have their own power supply, including solar generators and high-capacity batteries, to ensure uninterrupted operation for extended periods, even in remote locations.

Data Analysis and Management Software

Specialized software is used for managing and analyzing the vast amount of data collected by the surveillance equipment. This software can help identify patterns and anomalies and have secure data storage systems to protect sensitive information. Encryption ensures that recorded data remains confidential. Surveillance data can be transmitted in real-time to remote locations for analysis. This allows for immediate response to unfolding situations.

Mobile Surveillance Units
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