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School Security

The students of today are our future of tomorrow. S.K. Security is here to provide your staff and students with a peace of mind so they can better grow, learn, and fulfill their dreams and goals. With security, comes ease and gratitude from your all staff, students, and parents, knowing their children and everyone involved is in a protected environment completing their day to day tasks.

Overnight Patrols

Every work day and every school day comes to an end at some point. With everyone resting their brains for the next day full of learning and growing, who is around to protect the campus? S.K. Security offers nightly patrols that focus on deterring, preventing, and delaying any potential crime that may arise when the night comes. We conduct foot patrols, door checks, and finish it all up with a professionally written officer report that ties the night together.

Event Security

Every student has a talent of their own and what better way to show it off then at a school event? Whether it’s dancing, basketball, football, or a band concert, we’re here to protect the campus so everyone can enjoy the event with a peace of mind. With many cars being left unattended, and typically campus doors left unlocked for easy visitor access, S.K. Security is here to be sure the individuals entering and leaving the area are there for the enjoyment of the event and the event only.

Parking Lot Security

Nothing is more bothersome than drivers not following the laws while out on the road, but improper parking comes close. Improper parking can be dangerous to other drivers, pedestrians, and school buses. S.K. Security is here to prevent improper parking to give the administration a peace of mind while fulfilling their other school duties. Hiring security to conduct parking lot patrols will reduce improper parking significantly, whether it’s from students, staff, or campus visitors. Allow us to make your lot a safer place to drive

School Security
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