Our Eagle-Eyed Officers Can Keep Your Construction Site Secure

Arrange for construction site security services in Kansas City, MO, Kansas City, Mission, KS or a surrounding area

When your workers go home for the night, who's to stop hooligans from treating your construction site as their playground? S.K. Security can keep troublemakers away by providing customizable construction site security services. We've got the tools, trained officers and technology needed to protect construction sites of all sizes in the Kansas City & Mission, KS area.

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We'll go the extra mile to protect your property

We'll go the extra mile to protect your property

Looters and vandals might be tempted to sneak into a dark and vacant construction site, but roaming construction site security guards will make them think twice. Our officers can...

  • Use F-150 patrol vehicles to cover more ground
  • Make their rounds up to seven times per night
  • Arrest trespassers if needed
Is your construction site on a busy highway in the Kansas City or Mission, KS area? We can provide highway emergency lights to warn drivers of road work ahead.

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