Dealing With a Faulty Fire System?

Rely on us for fire watch services in Kansas City, KS

When you have a fire system failure, you can't afford to shut down your building for days on end. So, make sure your property is protected with help from S.K. Security. We offer fire watch services in the Kansas City, KS area. In the event of a fire, our monitors will be there to provide early warning and rapid mobilization to minimize the damage.

Are you at risk?

Are you at risk?

Our guards receive training to look for hazards and understand how to react to any sign of danger. We recommend using us if you have:

  • Loss of power
  • A water supply shutdown
  • Problems passing inspection
  • Toxic or flammable materials on site
  • Malfunctioning alarm or sprinkler systems

From hotels to schools, we serve all commercial spaces. Call us today to schedule fire watch services. We'll do all we can to keep your facility open.